Pubic hair can get itchy and uncomfortable if it’s left to grow too long and thick. Women remove this hair for better comfort and hygiene. However, this hair has to be removed carefully as the skin here is the most delicate part of the body.

best ways to remove public hair

Carelessness can lead to bacterial infections, burning and itching. There are various methods of removing your private hair; It’s up to you to choose the best method based on personal preferences and convenience.

1. Using Cream For Hair Removers and Depilatories

While this is a painless hair removal process, not all depilatories are safe to use on your bikini line. Read the product label before use to ensure your chosen cream is safe to use, and follow instructions. Do not leave the cream on for longer than instructed, and any swelling, redness and rashes may mean you are allergic to it.

2. Waxing

Waxing involves applying a thin layer of liquid wax to your private region and then placing a thin cloth-like material on the wax before it hardens. The cloth strip is then quickly pulled off when the wax hardens, which can lead to stinging while pulling off the cloth.

Waxing is much different from other hair removal options as hair is removed from the roots wherein the hair doesn’t grow back too quickly. This is preferably done at a spa or salon as you could burn your skin if you use too hot wax and even cause tiny sears on the skin.

3 Shaving

While this is an easy pubic hair removal method, many women consider it a high maintenance form of hair removal as hair grows back in a few days time. Moreover, as the genital area is very sensitive, it can feel itchy and prickly after shaving.

To ensure a thorough, smooth and complete hair removal, its better shaving every few days, using good tools like scissors, razor, trimmer or shaving cream or gel. With so many bikini trimmers in the market, it’s better going though a few best bikini trimmer reviews to choose the best trimmer for yourself.

There is however the risk of suffering from nicks and cuts as you can’t see your private area contours while shaving off its hair. Moreover, most girls use a razor and soap in the shower which is dangerous as razors are more prone to making cuts. A bikini trimmer and a good gel are a better option as they reduce the chances of cuts and nicks while shaving public hair.

4. Laser Hair Removal

This is a procedure involving the use of a strong beam of light which penetrates the skin and destroys the
hair follicle so that the hair eventually falls out. It has to be done by an experienced and certified laser hair removal health care provider.

There are many technicians who are not licensed doctors offering these services and getting your pubic hair removed by them can lead to your getting burned. Darker skinned women should be more careful of them as they are also more vulnerable to its risks as the lasers target the hair pigment and can unintentionally cause damage to the dark skin.

The length of the procedure varies in length, depending on the amount of hair to be removed and should be performed while wearing protective eye wear throughout the treatment. While results vary from person to person there may also be some temporary redness and swelling after the treatment; Laser hair removal is also rather expensive hair removal option which requires a few sessions to ensure complete and permanent hair removal.

5. Electrolysis

This is the only permanent private hair removal option where a needle-shaped electrode destroys hair roots It however requires as many as 25 sessions for complete hair removal, and its cost depends on various factors and can get thus be rather expensive per treatment.

Now you know the different methods of pubic hair removal available, it’s up to you to choose the best method for yourself basted on your individual preferences.

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