A Guide to Beauty Sleep: How Sleep Can Help Your Skin

beauty sleep

I know you usually find me shouting about the virtues of various beauty regimes, products, and treatments with our 118 118 Beauty Pass partners, but sometimes the most simplest of things in life can be overlooked.

Being overworked, over-partied and run down will show on your skin, rendering all expensive and elaborate treatments and cosmetics useless anyway. And all of these things show up because of a lack of sleep.

There have been many studies that reveal that beauty sleep really does exist. In fact, Elizabetharden.com said that our skin regenerates at night, especially between 11 pm and 4 am. The Huffington Post reported that a lack of sleep could affect our appearance dramatically, so say researchers from Sleep journal (think wrinkles, swollen eyelids, dark circles, etc.)

How to Get More and Better Beauty Sleep

  • Relax before bed (listen to soft music, bath and beauty regime, read, no screens)
  • Don’t snack before bed
  • Keep your room dark
  • Keep warm with socks on
  • Write things down to stop your mind racing
  • Go to bed as early as you can
  • Don’t keep your bedroom too hot
  • Keep caffeine consumption to early in the day

Beauty Tips for Wedding Season

Do you have an avalanche of upcoming weddings this season? Even if you only have one or two to attend, you’ll want to look your absolute best when it comes to being a wedding guest.

But enjoying ourselves in the company of friends and family, with lots of food, drink, and celebrations thrown in, can be a long affair. We need to ensure we look good for as many hours as is needed. Or until we throw our shoes off and just don’t care any more!wedding tips

Here are a few tips to getting it right at weddings.

Tone it down but make it special

We all want to look at our most radiant at weddings, but the usual party look is a no-no. Heavily made up eyes and lips are not only impractical for day wear, but they’ll also make you clownish as you stand around chatting. Don’t forget, weddings are social events as well as places to look good, and cameras are in abundance, so instead go for ultra precise and romantic make-up that is special but not overly dramatic. Think perfect eyebrows, glowing skin, sweeping eyelashes and spend some time getting the eyes just right. They should be defined but natural.

Smell just so

The same rule applies really to fragrances too. Youll wants to smell ladylike and gorgeous, but not overpowering for the other guests. Light, summery and romantic is perfect.

Think about sunglasses

While they might give you the edge on glamor, not to mention spare your eyes from the sun, be careful that they don’t smudge or ruin your carefully honed make-up job.

Touch up sparingly

Don’t be tempted to redo your whole face every time you go to the loo. After a few champagnes, heaven knows what you might look like by the end of the afternoon! Just re-do lips as and when, and maybe a little powder, eyeliner, and blusher to boost your look as day turns to night.

Shoes are important

What you put on your feet could make or break your day. Don’t go for shoes that are guaranteed to hurt. You’ll only be sorry after five minutes. Will you be in a field? Bad weather? Standing up a lot? Go for wedges or low heels for the perfect lift that’s not too crippling.

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