A Guide to Makeup Brushes: Which Tools Do What?

Have you ever looked at a pack of make-up brushes and wondered which does what? Me too.

To get the very best out of our make-up application we really should be using the best tools. They don’t have to be expensive though, as beauty journalist Sali Hughes outlines in her Guardian article about budget brushes upping their game.make up brushes

But pay respect to the intricately designed piece of engineering that is the humble but fantastic make-up brush. You might find that using the correct brush for the right product might make all the difference to how your made-up face looks.

Foundation brush

This is a flat, firm, large brush that you can put foundation straight onto and begin blending in easily. Start in in the middle and work outwards, and try not to drag it into streaks, which will leave marks. Instead, try slight patting and short blending strokes to get an even look.

Powder brush

Finish off your facial makeup with powder on an even bigger brush, which helps keep the foundation in place and creates a matte look, so stops you from being shiny.

Blusher brush

Use this medium-sized round brush to apply color to the apples of your cheeks for a brighter look, or to the cheekbones for a more contoured and defined finish.

The concealer brush

This small brush can be used to cover blemishes and spots with the tip, or larger areas, such as dark circles, with the flat edge. Either way, use delicately for a subtle effect.

Eyebrow brush

Looking just like a mascara wand, this coarse brush can be used to shape and tame those eyebrow hairs into perfect shape. You could also use it to separate eyelashes, but be careful not to get mascara everywhere!

Eyeshadow brush

There are many specialist brushes for eyeshadow, one being a small one to use on the eyelids or to blend colors, and an angled one to create definition in the creases of the lid, usually where you would use a darker shade. These are great for the wow-factor party make-up. There’s also the blending brush, a small rounded tool that is used to finish off eyeshadow with smudging, blending and softening.

Eyeliner brush

This teeny weeny brush makes creating a dramatic line so easy and ensures you don’t end up with a shaky, uneven line on your hands (cue starting all over again). Dip it in eyeshadow or draw gel and liquid liner on with it.

The lip brush

Get right into the contours of your lips using a brush that will ensure it stays on for longer. It also allows ultimate definition and less chance of lipstick-on-teeth!

There you have a simple guide to the essential makeup brushes for your makeup bag. Don’t forget to keep them clean, using soap and water, and allow to dry thoroughly.

Perfecting the Art of Nude Lips

It’s a make-up must-have that I have thought I must have that for a while, yet never quite got there. The shade is perfect for spring and summer, subtle, classy, yet beautiful and dazzling. Nude lipstick is also fantastic for when you want to go dark and bold with your eye make-up.

nude lipstick

Now it’s time to take the plunge and find out how to get the most beautiful nude lips. Here’s what I discovered:

1. Exfoliate

Nude shades highlight the flaky and dry bits of your lips, go over them with a face cloth or old toothbrush first to get them looking like new.

2. Lip balm

Lock in the moisture next by adding some clear lip balm. Choose a waxy, smooth product rather than oily.

3. Choose a shade

Make sure you choose the right shade for your skin tone because you still want to look as though you’re alive! If you have light skin, choose peachy, pink or completely nude. Medium and dark skins should go for peachy beige and warm colors. Anything lighter will make you look ill.

4. Add concealer first

Blend concealer across your mouth, using your own skin tone shade and do plenty of blending. It also lays the foundation of the nude color.

5. Fill in with liner

Lip liner should be one step away from your own skin tone and should be applied around the edges and then filled in everywhere, so your lipstick has something to cling.

6. Lipstick

Now it’s time for the lippy, but be careful not to choose something too matte. A moisturizing lipstick will keep your lips looking healthy.

7. Finish off with gloss

Add a clear or nude gloss over the top for a lip-smacking finish.


A Guide to the Most Striking Eye Make-Up Styles

Lets take a look at other gorgeous make-up styles for the eyes, and, more importantly, how to get them in a few easy steps (bearing in mind we don’t all have make-up artists at our disposal)

Cat Eyes

Choose your favorite method of application, be it eyeshadow, pencil, brush or pen. Lets say you’ve gone for a felt

guide striking eye make styles

Source Pixabay

tip-type application because that tends to be bold yet easy to control. You should: Tilt your chin slightly and look down at yourself in the mirror for an easier angle. Draw a wing from the outside corner of your eye in the direction of the end of your eyebrow and do the same on your other eye, ensuring they match. Perfect the flick with a cotton bud. Draw on the eyeliner over the rest of your eye, and connect it up with the wing. Perfect the thickness of your line.

Smoky Eyes

Lay down the foundations to ensure no smudging happens, and your look lasts. This means always use a primer first. Next, curl your eyelashes. Brush a dark eyeshadow over your lid to the crease, and then along your lower lashes. Use a smudging brush to give a soft effect along the crease and along your lower lashes. Next, add a layer around the edges of your eyes with black eyeliner. Add highlighter to your brow bone and in the corners of your eye. Add mascara to finish.

Shimmering Eyes

Have some sparkly stuff and have no idea how to apply it without looking slightly like a barbie? It’s easy. Put it on in a gradient-effect, so start with a light color in the inner edges and gradually blend to a darker color on the outside. Finish off with liquid liner along the lash edges, and you’ve got a glam look.

Block Colour

Just one block color that is bold and loud is for the adventurous but is also great as statement make-up. For example, if you’re wearing something that you want to match with your make-up. A white outfit with a green jacket will be finished off with a block of green on your eyelids. That kind of thing. Apply as precisely as possible and avoid smudges by using the primer.

Just Eyeliner

For a sexy, simple and chic look, thick eyeliner is a perfect look. You can choose to keep it precise and sharp, or smudged and sultry.

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