Sweating: A Serious Issue

summer girlWhen the summer is here, and the temperature actually turns out to be nice and warm, it means less clothes and more freedom. But there’s also a part of the heat that we continually struggle with, and that’s the problem of sweat.

A new study has revealed that 63 per cent of women claim that sweating is their most embarrassing body issue, and if the celeb magazines and their rings of shame are anything to go by, it’s not just us mortals who suffer at the hands of patches.

According to the poll of 2,000 women by deodorant maker Soft & Gentle, many of us ladies get a serious knock to our confidence thanks to our unruly sweat glands, and our worrying also influences what clothes we buy.

Apparently one in four of us carry an in-case deodorant around with us in our handbags, and one in 10 of us spray or roll on deodorant more than once a day. Some women even carry a change of clothes around with them in the case of any tell-tale appearances.

So how can we deal with our worst body issue? Here are a few handy hints:

1. Try not to reach for the antiperspirant too often. Along with spicy food and alcohol, using it too much has been linked to actually producing more sweat.

2. Carry oil blotters. Designed exactly for this reason, carry around these little life savers when you’re getting a little dewy in the face. Don’t be tempted to powder over the sweat, clogging up your pores and creating a mess in the process.

3. Shirts and blouses, especially the silk variety, are the main culprits for sweat stains. Busy commuting plus a hectic and heated day at the office are a recipe for sweat stains. Stick pantyliners in the underarm area of the inside of tops to stop the moisture showing.

4. If the damage is done to your clothes, get rid of stains by squeezing lemon juice onto them before you wash. It will lift the mark right out.

5. Give yourself a break. Everyone sweats, so don’t be tempted to panic and do all kinds of cover-up tricks if you can feel patches beginning to show. Make light of it, and you’ll be more likely to receive knowing and sympathetic remarks than ones of disgust. After all, men struggle more than we do in this department. And trying to hide the problem will only make you sweat more and add to your problem!

Our Picks: Stunning Summer Costume Jewelery

summer jewelery

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your holiday wardrobe or just need an edge on a simple summer dress, costume jewelry is the way to make a statement this season.

The less clothes we wear as the temperature heats up, the more we need help from other garments to complete our look. And one simple piece of jewelry can really make all the difference.

We’ve picked our favorites that are out now. Here goes:

Layered Necklaces

I adore this feminine and romantic look, made up of lots of different dainty necklaces. The delicate necklaces look beautiful rested on the collar bones and are worn best with a simple top so it can be the star of the show. Be careful how to do this. Keep to the same metals to avoid a messy and unkempt look, or choose an already put-together layered necklace.

Big Boho Earrings

Now that the idea of leaving your hair to weave over your shoulders on a hot, sticky day might make you feel ill, scrape those locks back and make it look like you meant it. Finish off your look with big colorful earrings that will make you look summery and chic. Earrings are also an excellent way to boost a casual and simple outfit.

Chunky Bangles

Make the most of your wrists and arms not being covered with sleeves and adorn them with bold bangles.

Pastels, Butterflies, Birds, Ethnic

These themes are ultra-summery, so you won’t go wrong by trying out brooches, rings, necklaces, hair clips, anklets, etc. which have these embellishments.

Workout Wardrobe Essentials: What to Wear to Exercise in

Yes, you better believe it. There’s a whole fashion industry out there that is dedicated to workout wear, so now there’s no excuse to not look good at the gym. (But lots of excuses to go shopping!)

While focusing on the practical, gym clothes are designed to look good and feel just right as you slog it out getting sweaty.

exercise fashion


The key is to keep it simple but girly with pastels, meaning you still have a feminine look, even if you are wearing trainers. But it also means you won’t be garish or over-the-top neon, looking like you might be trying slightly too hard to look good (which is as bad as not looking good at all when it comes to the gym). You can also keep things groovy if you pair simple pastels with a bold print, keeping you looking contemporary and stylish.

Comfort and support

Always, always wear the right underwear for the sport. This means controlled support in a vest top might do for yoga, but a sturdy sports bra is a must for running. When fitting, make sure its tighter than usual, but that you can still take a deep breath in comfortably.


While cotton allows air through, it can become uncomfortable when it’s damp. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps the sweat away from your skin, so go for this.

Designer to high street

Depending on your budget, you can look up the likes of Sweaty Betty and Nike to Gap, TK Maxx, and Next to get great quality workout wear.


Its always going to be the most important addition to your workout wardrobe, so ensure you have a good quality pair of trainers and speak to retail staff about which kinds of sport and exercise you’ll be doing to ensure you get the right protection and support for your feet.

Bikini Shopping for Your Shape

Seeing as we’ve already brought you a blog post about how to wear the right pair of jeans for your shape, now it’s time to start thinking about that bikini.

Whether you’re packing yours in your suitcase for a sunshine-filled holiday, or fancy taking to Britain’s beaches or simply your back garden, there are ways you can make the most of your figure in even the teeniest of garments.

These days, bikinis can be a feat of engineering and have changed in style and the support they offer as fashion eras have passed.

bikini shopping for shape

Let’s take a look at what particular shapes and style of bikinis can for you.

If You’re Athletic:

Keep your bathing suits as feminine as possible and accentuate your hips with embellishments and giving yourself a boost with padded tops or cups. Avoid bandeaus or boyish cuts of bottoms.

If You’re Curvy:

Keep proportions even by sticking to solid or small prints and avoid spilling over at the top with underwire, halter neck and balconette cuts. If you’re particularly curvy, stay away from string tops and bottoms.

If You’re Pear-Shaped:

Draw attention upwards to your smallest part with detailed tops or halter neck straps, while keeping the bottom covered with full briefs that aren’t too loud in design.

Straight Figured:

Boost your bust with padding, ruffles, and embellishments, and avoid anything too plain and boyish, including bandeaus.

Bikini Options

There are many bikini styles in fashion these days, including, thankfully, the very forgiving high-waisted bottoms. Be careful not to wear these if you have a small body, as it could stunt you and make your shape look odd, but otherwise, they look good and cover up a good portion of bum and belly, meaning you’ll feel more confident.

Don’t forget, bikinis are mostly used for sunbathing, and in this case, a sturdy bandeau is your best friend, because it means no unsightly strap marks when you wear your favorite dress in the evening, and you get a gorgeous, even tan.

Many women forget the option of a one-piece bathing suit because really they were something grandmas wore around the pool or on the beach. But these days that’s far from the case, with beautifully designed costumes that flatter, look fabulous, are comfortable and give total cover to ensure you feel completely confident (all be it still with very little clothing!)

Shake it up a bit and mix and match bikinis. This provides another look, meaning you don’t need a thousand bikinis, but also means you can pair together your favorite top and bottom for ultimate flattering. Just make sure you emphasise the right way round with colors and patterns to where you want your focus.

And finally, think about sizing. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than and ill-fitting bikini, and it won’t look good if it’s squeezing you or flapping around if it’s too big. Ensure the lines are smooth around the sides, with no nipping, and don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes for the top and bottom to ensure you get it just so.

What’s on Trend for Spring Jackets for 2017

It’s the time of year when that coat needs putting under the stairs and the jackets come out to play. The best thing about spring jackets is how they become more part of your outfit, setting the tone and finishing off your look.

Here’s what’s hot for this spring season 2017, if you happen to be on the hunt for something new.

summer jacket

Floral print tailored

Worn with a statement necklace and simple white T-shirt, go for a bright and summery number that is the centerpiece of your outfit.


Remember those waistcoats that were in fashion some 17 or so years ago? Well, they’re back. Sort of. Be wary of what you wear with it though. Don’t just shove it on over anything and expect to look good.

Biker jacket

This year sees the trend of the pastel biker jacket. Yes, you heard right. Pink and the like. But before you recoil in horror, these can actually work well when worn with soft and light fabrics, such as dresses and maxi skirts.


Nothing says rock and roll like a dress-down denim jacket. Go for cropped, tailored or embellished, and you will look the epitome of casual chic in spring.


For those not-year-hot days, choose a classic Mac, which will look great with flats and jeans and shouts classy every time.

Choose the Right Jeans for Your Shape

Wearing the right jeans for your body shape is vital. Find the ones that fit like a glove, and you will find a trusted garment that always looks good with everything, hides lumps and bumps and flatters every curve or lack of.

Choose the wrong style for you, and it could all go horribly wrong. Not only will you look bad, but you will also feel uncomfortable all day.right jeans for your shape

Here’s how to choose the right jeans for your shape:


Don’t shy away from jeans if you’re plus-size. Stick to skinny, but not painted on, shapes and choose dark wash denim. Classic boot cut will also work for you, and you can always try a panel-topped style for ultimate control.


High rise jeans will show off your waist and create an illusion of longer legs. Go for wider flared shaped for balance and cropped also work well.


Lengthen your legs with dark straight-legged jeans, choose cool wash and wear heels when you can. Slim and straight also works if you can pull it off.


Always find the right-fitting length and choose tapered to show off your pins. You could also get away with flared jeans.


Choose high-waisted to avoid drawing attention to the widest part of your hips and a contoured waistline will help to rid of gaping.

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