Sprucing Up a Boring glass of Water to Hydrate in Summer

We are all very informed about the beauty benefits of drinking plenty of water, and now summer is here, keeping ourselves and our skin hydrated is more important than ever.

But sometimes a plain old glass of H2O doesn’t do the thirst-quenching trick well enough.

mineral water

We are told time and again that we should be taking in at least 1.2 liters of fluid a day, but the wonderful thing is they’re not just talking about water. So a lovely cuppa and a fruit juice also count in keeping us properly hydrated.

Don’t believe the old myths that drinking certain drinks actually dehydrate you (not including alcohol), as all drinks do what they should.

So if drinking water all day just doesn’t float your boat, here are some tasty and effective substitutes as the temperature heats up and we need more fluids:

1. Mint tea

Boil up a pot of mint tea and when it cools, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. Add a cube to a glass of water for a delicious drink. This is also great to do with ginger and lemon tea too.

2. Cucumber fusion

Slice up cucumber length ways into a jug of water and leave in the fridge overnight. By morning, it will taste yummy and refreshing.

3. Ginger juice

This vitamin-packed herb can be doused in hot water and mashed up to be added to water or made into ice cubes.

4. Basil stir-in

Cool some boiled water and add some basil leaves then leave in the fridge for a while. When it’s cold takes out the leaves and drink the sensationally flavored water.

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