How to care for your hands and keep them young

While we’re constantly told how to look after the skin on our faces, and most of us are pretty well practiced in our own routines by now, we forget another important part of our body that shows signs of aging sooner than we would like. Our hands.

hands care

According to research, only half of the women questioned in the survey regularly moisturized their hands, despite the fact that three-quarters of them admitted to thinking that wrinkly hands were the biggest giveaway in the aging process, above gray hair and wrinkles on the face.

If you’re determined not to wait until its too late to look after your mitts, here are a few tips on what you can do at home.

  • Washing your hands with lukewarm water and moisturizing soap will prevent damage to the skin and cleanse gently.
  • Trap in the moisture of cream just after a bath or shower, when your pores are open, for better results.
  • Take care of your hands when using harsh cleaning products by wearing gloves.
  • Don’t forget that all-important sunscreen on your hands too. This will help to prevent age spots and premature aging in general.
  • Drum your nails regularly to improve circulation and keep the blood flowing.

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