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I know you usually find me shouting about the virtues of various beauty regimes, products, and treatments with our 118 118 Beauty Pass partners, but sometimes the most simplest of things in life can be overlooked.

Being overworked, over-partied and run down will show on your skin, rendering all expensive and elaborate treatments and cosmetics useless anyway. And all of these things show up because of a lack of sleep.

There have been many studies that reveal that beauty sleep really does exist. In fact, said that our skin regenerates at night, especially between 11 pm and 4 am. The Huffington Post reported that a lack of sleep could affect our appearance dramatically, so say researchers from Sleep journal (think wrinkles, swollen eyelids, dark circles, etc.)

How to Get More and Better Beauty Sleep

  • Relax before bed (listen to soft music, bath and beauty regime, read, no screens)
  • Don’t snack before bed
  • Keep your room dark
  • Keep warm with socks on
  • Write things down to stop your mind racing
  • Go to bed as early as you can
  • Don’t keep your bedroom too hot
  • Keep caffeine consumption to early in the day

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