Sweating: A Serious Issue

summer girlWhen the summer is here, and the temperature actually turns out to be nice and warm, it means less clothes and more freedom. But there’s also a part of the heat that we continually struggle with, and that’s the problem of sweat.

A new study has revealed that 63 per cent of women claim that sweating is their most embarrassing body issue, and if the celeb magazines and their rings of shame are anything to go by, it’s not just us mortals who suffer at the hands of patches.

According to the poll of 2,000 women by deodorant maker Soft & Gentle, many of us ladies get a serious knock to our confidence thanks to our unruly sweat glands, and our worrying also influences what clothes we buy.

Apparently one in four of us carry an in-case deodorant around with us in our handbags, and one in 10 of us spray or roll on deodorant more than once a day. Some women even carry a change of clothes around with them in the case of any tell-tale appearances.

So how can we deal with our worst body issue? Here are a few handy hints:

1. Try not to reach for the antiperspirant too often. Along with spicy food and alcohol, using it too much has been linked to actually producing more sweat.

2. Carry oil blotters. Designed exactly for this reason, carry around these little life savers when you’re getting a little dewy in the face. Don’t be tempted to powder over the sweat, clogging up your pores and creating a mess in the process.

3. Shirts and blouses, especially the silk variety, are the main culprits for sweat stains. Busy commuting plus a hectic and heated day at the office are a recipe for sweat stains. Stick pantyliners in the underarm area of the inside of tops to stop the moisture showing.

4. If the damage is done to your clothes, get rid of stains by squeezing lemon juice onto them before you wash. It will lift the mark right out.

5. Give yourself a break. Everyone sweats, so don’t be tempted to panic and do all kinds of cover-up tricks if you can feel patches beginning to show. Make light of it, and you’ll be more likely to receive knowing and sympathetic remarks than ones of disgust. After all, men struggle more than we do in this department. And trying to hide the problem will only make you sweat more and add to your problem!

Sprucing Up a Boring glass of Water to Hydrate in Summer

We are all very informed about the beauty benefits of drinking plenty of water, and now summer is here, keeping ourselves and our skin hydrated is more important than ever.

But sometimes a plain old glass of H2O doesn’t do the thirst-quenching trick well enough.

mineral water

We are told time and again that we should be taking in at least 1.2 liters of fluid a day, but the wonderful thing is they’re not just talking about water. So a lovely cuppa and a fruit juice also count in keeping us properly hydrated.

Don’t believe the old myths that drinking certain drinks actually dehydrate you (not including alcohol), as all drinks do what they should.

So if drinking water all day just doesn’t float your boat, here are some tasty and effective substitutes as the temperature heats up and we need more fluids:

1. Mint tea

Boil up a pot of mint tea and when it cools, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. Add a cube to a glass of water for a delicious drink. This is also great to do with ginger and lemon tea too.

2. Cucumber fusion

Slice up cucumber length ways into a jug of water and leave in the fridge overnight. By morning, it will taste yummy and refreshing.

3. Ginger juice

This vitamin-packed herb can be doused in hot water and mashed up to be added to water or made into ice cubes.

4. Basil stir-in

Cool some boiled water and add some basil leaves then leave in the fridge for a while. When it’s cold takes out the leaves and drink the sensationally flavored water.

How to care for your hands and keep them young

While we’re constantly told how to look after the skin on our faces, and most of us are pretty well practiced in our own routines by now, we forget another important part of our body that shows signs of aging sooner than we would like. Our hands.

hands care

According to research, only half of the women questioned in the survey regularly moisturized their hands, despite the fact that three-quarters of them admitted to thinking that wrinkly hands were the biggest giveaway in the aging process, above gray hair and wrinkles on the face.

If you’re determined not to wait until its too late to look after your mitts, here are a few tips on what you can do at home.

  • Washing your hands with lukewarm water and moisturizing soap will prevent damage to the skin and cleanse gently.
  • Trap in the moisture of cream just after a bath or shower, when your pores are open, for better results.
  • Take care of your hands when using harsh cleaning products by wearing gloves.
  • Don’t forget that all-important sunscreen on your hands too. This will help to prevent age spots and premature aging in general.
  • Drum your nails regularly to improve circulation and keep the blood flowing.

Can Alcohol Actually Boost Our Beauty Regime?

alcoholIt is that time of year, isn’t it? The sun is shining (kind of), the evenings are long and the temptation to have a drink or two is as great as it will ever be. Perhaps your particular tipple is an ice-cold glass of rose, or maybe a jug or two of Pimms. But according to an American company, beer has remarkable hidden powers that can be beneficial to your beauty regime, although be warned, it doesn’t involve drinking it.

Bröö has launched a controversial new line of shampoo which contains beer that claims to leave your hair voluptuous, smooth and shiny. And all without any trace of an unwanted odour.

But can alcohol really have any benefits in your beauty regime?

Drinking it

Not good news, I am afraid. Scientists will tell you alcohol harms your skin’s protective abilities, can make your skin oily and even red. Worst of all it will eventually age you. Not great I know, but there is no need to pay too much attention. The key is, like everything, to enjoy everything in moderation. Most of the time, anyway.

Putting it on your face and body

Better news, this actually does have some benefits. Products such as a Margarita Body Scrub and a Red Wine Face Mask can actually have long-term benefits. See, not all bad news. If your body needs reinvigorating or you want to preserve that tan for just a little bit longer than scrub your skin with salt, to exfoliate, tequila, to cleanse, and lime juice, to loosen dead skin cells.

Rub it in your hair

This brings us back to the start, and perhaps it is in this area that there is the most evidence that booze can be beneficial, beyond the obvious effects that take place when it passes between your lips. We have mentioned beer, but there is no need to stop there. Many experts recommend Vodka Hair Toner. Try adding one shot of vodka in your choice of shampoo to help give dull, lifeless hair a new lease of life and give your hair and scalp a deep clean. Some people even believe vodka can help promote hair growth.

One other trick, a decadent one at that, is to use champagne to make your hair shine in a way that only champagne can. So, mix half a coffee mug of champagne and half a mug of water together and add it to your hair after you have shampooed. Your hair should come away with a new sheen to it.


Beard Growing Trend: Do Women Really Like Them?

Take a stroll along your average high street and it won’t take long to spot one.

Some are neat and tidy; others are unruly. Some are short; others are just a little bit odd. But love them or loathe them, there is no doubt the beard is back, and it is back in a rather big way.

women like bearded manBut why? Laziness certainly comes into it. As does following a slew of hirsute Hollywood A-listers. But there is a chunk of those with beards, who grow them in the belief that they will help attract the fairer sex. No, I am not joking. But let’s put that theory to the test do women really find beards attractive?

Of course, it is a personal choice. And let’s face it, pardon the pun, it is bound to be about feel as much as it is about the way it looks. But a recent study published in the journal Biology Letters found that the attractiveness of a beard is down to how unusual they are.

The more of them you see, the less they become attractive. This particular study believes that we may have reached, as they put it, peak beard. They claim that too many men now have beards for it to be attractive. Alarm bells are ringing.

The growth of the hipster beard has even prompted plastic surgeons in the United States are reporting a rise in the number of young men enquiring about hair transplants, not for the heads, but for their faces. The world has, finally, gone mad.

Save yourself some money boys. The beard has peaked. Long live the razor.

What do you think about the beard? Tell me in the comments below.

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