weird facialWe’ve all heard of the usual facials, massages and hair styles, but some treatment names are cropping up are simply weird and wonderful! If you’re wondering (like us) what some of them actually are and whether you should try them out, here is a top 10 list of the most obscure names we’ve come across.

1) Bamboo Massage

Using warmed up bamboo instead of their hands, therapists use this obscure tool to get a firmer and deeper massage. It works well and knots and works rather like a rolling pin, and you are the pastry!

2) Vampire Face Lift

This is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which involves using the patient’s own blood to tackle wrinkles. Not quite as gruesome as it sounds!

3) Manuka Facial

This treatment based on the magic healing honey is fantastic for its antibacterial elements and effects on scars and blemishes.

4) Ultrasound Cavitation

A non-surgical method of tackling unwanted fat spots, this technique uses low-frequency ultrasound which goes into the tissue and turns fat into liquid.

5) Abhyanga Body Massage

This is a 5,000-year-old Indian massage that involves using large quantities of warm oil, which is often infused with herbs to treat specific conditions. It is meant to have holistic healing benefits.

6) Biolustre

This is an instant reconstruction treatment for hair which aims to repair, add shine, health, and texture to your locks. A lotion is applied to the hair and put under a heater until the hair goes crispy (yes, crispy!) It is then carefully washed off, and the hair is washed as normal.

7) Lip Augmentation

Increases the fullness of the lips by enlargement or definition.

8) Green Algae Intensive Restore

This obscure-sounding mask is rich in nutrients and is fantastic in helping skin when you’re stressed and run down (and it shows!) It gives your glow back.

9) Lonic Milk Protein Treatment

This hair technique is a professional quality moisturizing treatment for hair that is feeling the effects of chemical over-use.

10) Himalayan Stone Massage

Finding its way from the Himalayas to London, this is a healing technique that aims to balance the body’s electromagnetic field. Warm salt crystal stones are used to soothe tension and stress.

Tell me about any other weird and wonderfully-named treatments you have come across!

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